E-Learning: Are you happy with the switch?

With the March 16 switch to e-learning due to COVID-19, the North Star News team asked students for their opinions after one week of e-learning.

E-Learning: Are you happy with the switch?
  • I hate it. I have no motivation to do the work and I’m surrounded by distractions that just seem more important for me to do. I feel that when it comes to schoolwork I’ve been institutionalized to the way of working in a classroom with a teacher. I hate e-learning.
  • I enjoy having more control over the order of my own classes (in terms of order), and being able to follow my own learning pace.
  • It is great that we are taking safe measures to protect ourselves from covid-19. I’m afraid of school resuming because there might be a higher chance that the virus could spread. Even though symptoms are small, they could still be passed to others so that’s the scary part.
  • I can’t keep up with the work.
  • Most of the material is busy work
  • It’s not like it’s hard or anything, I feel like I’m just receiving more work than usual and also that I’m getting nothing out of it; I’m not learning anything.
  • E-learning is helpful for me because all my classes are using Google Classroom. With all my homework all in 1 place, I don’t have to go too far to start my next assignment. But outside the terms of e-learning, I really dislike the fact that we are all isolated in our own homes.
  • It’s hard to concentrate on assignments. Some things could be better, some things could be worse. It’s good that we get to keep learning, though.
  • Being at home is fine for a few days, but after a while I miss my friends and getting out of the house everyday. School is a way to be social and see people, so I really miss that. But it’s nice to not wake up so early all the time.
  • Most of us have been used to learning in a direct student-teacher classroom away from home, so it is very new to us to experience e-learning. Staying at home also makes people think they can just slack off and sleep or use their phones. They also miss interacting with their friends in person. I am in theater and foreign language classes, so direct teacher-student interaction is essential.
  • Helps me with time management.
  • I have too much to do at home and all my teachers are giving my hours upon hours of homework. If I don’t understand the material then I’m screwed. My Spanish can’t improve if I don’t use it. My stress has only increased.
  • It’s inevitable so I can’t complain.
  • I can’t learn while sitting in front of a screen all day. I need real interactions with people to truly catch onto concepts.
  • I like e-learning because I can finish all my assignments on my own time .. however I do wish things could go back to normal.
  • I like it because we get to stay home and wake up at later times but what I don’t like is that some teachers don’t explain things well and it’s just hard to communicate. Also I miss seeing friends every day.
  • It’s harder for me to understand things when not taught from a teacher.
  • I am not motivated to do work. It’s harder to think and get work done when you can’t go to a library or anything to focus on getting work done.