Advice for Final Exams from teachers


Since Final Exams are coming up, the North Star News  journalism team asked teachers for any studying tips they may have for the students. Here is their advice:

“Redo problems from old tests/quizzes that you made mistakes on. Then, time permitting, redo all remaining problems.” – Jody Trapani, Math

“Make the most of your time during the day and study what you need to. Do not sacrifice sleep to make time for studying.” – Jessica Garcia, Biology/El Physical Science

“Instead of studying for anything and everything, go into a study session with a particular goal or focus in mind. What do you want to come away with after the study session? After dedicating time and effort into your focused studies, remember to give your body and mind a break too. My college professor once told me to rub my earlobes to help stimulate blood flow into my brain. Chewing peppermint gum and drinking orange juice also helps with memory :)” – Jay Cha, English

After dedicating time and effort into your focused studies, remember to give your body and mind a break too.”

— Jay Cha, English

“First, take some time to organize your class folders. If you took notes, review them with a highlighter. Studies show that writing down what you need to learn always help you remember best. One of the best methods is to make good old-fashioned flash cards on 3×5 note cards. Then you can use them to study by making piles of what you know, what you mostly know and what you don’t know. Continue until you know all of them and then have a friend or parent test you using the cards. You can use a sandwich bag for each class of flash cards. If you want to know what grade you need on the final to get the class grade you desire, then go to Mr. David Ruth’s website on the school teacher directory and use the   Special 20th Anniversary Edition  Final Exam Score Calculator  (created by APCS student Misha Raykhlin). This is also an app you can put on your phone if you want to. Make a study calendar (including the weekend) and use it. Finally, treat yourself well. Eat healthy breakfasts with protein and get a full night’s sleep before each day of finals.” – Dr. Anne Zavell, Resource

“Find a favorite place to study, one that eliminates all unnecessary distractions. Mine was the library.” – Mr. Behling, Algebra 1