No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here


Arooba Lodhi

Imagine a world on fire: a life surrounded by falling buildings, scattered children, and ear-piercing bullets. To escape the terror, families happily depart from unsafe living conditions to seek refuge in America. Upon arrival, however, immigrants may discover that the safe haven dreamed of may not be the reality received.

Here at Niles North, in response to the changing political and social culture of the nation, concerned students came together to advocate for the rights of their fellow immigrant peers and staff by forming a new club.

“Immigration Rights Club is essentially a safe space for communicating any comments, questions, and concerns with immigration,” Mina Mari, junior, said.

As a unit, students work to first understand the situation of fellow peers who are deeply affected by evolving political changes by hosting discussions open to all. Then, club members take a stand and raise awareness about the reality of immigrants by telling their stories and advocating for equal rights.

“I’ve experienced the things immigrants go through, as I was a refugee myself, and I know how hard it is to assimilate to a new country and culture. We hope to teach the students of Niles North about immigration and the issues immigrants coming to the United States face,” Mari added.

Through this club, despite the contradictory sentiments expressed by the nation, Niles North remains resolute in its responsibility to support and respect the life of every student and staff member.

Join Immigration Rights Club every Thursday in room 2120 to learn more!

Featured image credits to ARKO Network.