On time all the time: ZTA Bus Tracker

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On time all the time: ZTA Bus Tracker

Katelin Aanerud

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The temperature continues to drop day by day, and the sun even aches to rise. Outside in the cold and dark morning isn’t somewhere most students want to be before they have to arrive to first period, but they still do it every morning. But, how long with that last?

On Oct. 16, the ZTA Bus Tracker will be available for all bus riders at Niles North with only the need for an internet connection, so you will no longer have to guess what time the bus will roll up to your stop.

“It will give you access to a program that will let you see the GPS location of your bus” Said Dr.Keith Robinson.

ZTA is not necessary an app, but using either the Safari or Chrome apps, students will be able to see exactly where their bus is, and what time it will arrive.

“The great thing about this is that students have access to much more information and can plan accordingly.”  Said Robinson

With these few simple steps, you’ll be able to join and the days of wearing four layers and two pairs of gloves will be over.

Start with simply open a web browser of your choice in and going to www.zta.zonar systems.net.


Click on “Login with Google” and chose your school email.


Tap the blue “Allow” button to continue onto your account.


Fill in all of your information, including the Niles North’s access code which can be found in your email.


Make sure to read the the Privacy Policy and click the check box


Now, you will be able to see the routes on your area on a map.


Swipe to the side to open up a tab where you can edit your stop.


Enter your morning bus stop, and make sure to add the appocatement time of your bus route. ( the a.m. one)


You will now be able to see both your house, and morning stop, as well as a line along the page. The color of the line represents whether your bus is on time, behind, or ahead of schedule.


In the morning, check to see where your bus is, which is represented by an orange bus, and an arrow in the direction that the bus is headed. 

By using this app, you will now no longer be too late or too early. You’ll be just in time to see your bus pull up and hop on to start your school day. Make sure to check for your access code in a future email.