Falling into the new fashion season


Olivia Meyers

This fall kicks off a season of trends ranging from combat boots to Vans. While the weather is still fairly warm, prepare to say goodbye to your summer attire and learn how to stay warm and in style in the fall season.

Ladies: During this transitional period between warm and cool weather, you will want to wear dark or light washed jeans or leggings. They’re light, yet cover your legs well. Next, add on a plain shirt or a shirt with a simple pattern. To keep your upper body cozy, you can throw on a kimono, flannel, cardigan, or possibly a light North Face. Shoes are the focal point of the outfit, so be wise and pair some combat boots or any gym shoes that would match one color that is included in your outfit.

“It’s all about the sweaters, scarves, leggings & combat boots!  That way you can stay warm for the season but also rock out in style,” Jazmyn Trinos said.

Gentlemen:  Less is more. We all have our favorite sweater, well now is the time to wear it on repeat. If you’re going for the simple look, then just wear a hoodie and jeans with a simple graphic tee shirt. For all you fellows who like dressy casual for your every day look, a button down shirt or flannel under a zip up jacket is always classy.  Most guys keep the bottom part of their shirts hanging out, so it stands out and says, “I’m sophisticated.”  Another style to try would be joggers with a v-neck shirt and colorful shoes.  Joggers are all the rage right now, so go ahead and show off yours.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can keep warm and in fashion this Autumn!